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A few important notes for all athletes

1. All  athletes must have a current membership with USA Water Polo (USAWP) and must renew it each January.
2. You will not be able to register with LAWPC, without having a current USAWP membership.
3. The three options for USAWP membership are:
Gold Athlete - recommended for all Competition Athletes
The "complete" athlete membership; eligible for all USAWP sanctioned activity, including club practices, sanctioned events, National Championship Events and all Olympic Development programs.
Silver Athlete - recommended for our Training Only athletes
The "amateur" athlete membership; eligible for club practices and sanctioned events.
Splashball - For 5 to 9 year olds
For NEW or RENEWING Splashball Members to participate in a recreational format to learn water polo while developing water safety skills.
The 2015 Summer Registration includes:
• Emergency Medical Authorization
• Release Agreement
• Acknowledgement and Consent Clauses
By clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button, you are legally accepting and agreeing to the terms of each document.
First Time LAWPC Registrants
1. To join USA Water Polo and get your membership number, Click Here.
Select "CA"
Select Your Club "Los Angeles Water Polo Club" (ID# 1807)
2. Once you complete your USAWP registration and get your membership number, you can proceed with the LAWPC registration:
Enter your Date of Birth (our site will calculate your age and place you in the correct age group)
Complete the rest of the form and submit!
Register another player, or click the Pay Now button, enter your payment info, and you're done.
You should plan to attend the practice for your age group at the pool closest to you.
Check The Training Page.
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